Native American Heritage Speaker Event  

By Kayla Kibbons 

As Native American Heritage month ends, Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) invited students to gather at the Hatheway Auditorium to listen to speaker Cristhian Flores Trujillo, Conservation Education Representative for Cahokia Mounds Historical Site. The event took place on Nov. 30 and free pizza was given to attendees.  

Native American Heritage Month runs throughout November. It is a time to celebrate, remember, and share Native American culture, heritage, and language. LC chose to celebrate and educate LC students in the Native American History of our region.   

I loved visiting Cahokia Mounds as a kid. Even as an adult, I am fascinated with the Native American history in our region. Cristian did a great job speaking and telling the history of Cahokia. 

As Flores Trujillo spoke, he explained the complex history of Cahokia Mounds.   

Cahokia is a UNSECO World Heritage site, meaning it is recognized and protected for its cultural and educational importance. Cahokia was occupied during the Mississippian period from 700AD-1400AD, and at its height expanded 4000 acres and held homes, farmland, and 120 earthen mounds of various shapes, sizes, and importance.  

Today, Cahokia is the largest and most complex archaeological site north of Mexico. At Cahokia Mounds, you can find Monks Mound the largest indigenous earth structure which was constructed in fourteen stages and used as a place for the chief to address his tribe.  

The Cahokia site also includes Wood Henge, an astronomical observatory for the winter solstice.  

Flores Trujillo also brought along with him artifacts for us to touch and see. One of the artifacts included The Birdman tablet which was found in Monks Mound. He also brought a Chunky Disk, which is part of a sport they played, and a fan made from feathers.   

Cahokia Mounds Historical Site is located at 30 Ramey Street, in Collinsville, Illinois, and is open to the public.  

Although, The Interpretive Center is closed for renovations until further notice, Monks Mound and the trails are still open to explore. You can also visit Cahokia through Augmented Realty by downloading an app on your Apple or Android device.   

For more information on visiting Cahokia Mounds visit the Cahokia Mounds State Historic website at   

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