My Heart Belongs in Ireland… or Morrison’s

Madeline Runyon


“Think of Morrison’s as your Ireland away from Ireland,” Morrison’s official website offers as an explanation. The whole bar has a warm and cozy Irish feel and definitely follows through with that definition.

At first glance, one might equate Morrison’s Irish Pub as just that; a pub. However, Morrison’s also offers a vast array of food, all staying true to its Irish roots.

The pub is located in Alton right before beginning the drive down the river road. The brick roads on the journey to Morrison’s exhibits a classic feature of Alton and truly gives a sense of community.

Morrison’s is tucked away at the corner of State Street, which proves to be a fitting location. The inside feels like you’re in a warm cottage located in the middle of Ireland, making the small space feel less claustrophobic and more like a home.

The restaurant is adorned with one dollar bills which have been scribbled on and decorated by customers who come through the shop. For those readers who are fans of the show “How I Met Your Mother,” the pub carries the same vibes as the fictional pub, MacLarens.  

Immediately after being seated you are given true Irish hospitality and are taken care of. The food takes minimal time to prepare and is worth whatever small wait you may encounter.

The food all incorporates different Irish dishes whether it be through corned beef, cabbage, or even beer! The restaurant also promotes other small businesses such as Duke’s Bakery, which provides rolls and buns for the establishment.

The experience was spectacular, as exhibited by the quick service, charming waitress, and excellent warm meal.

Morrison’s also was nominated and won a place on Hulu’s show, Small Business revolution. All episodes have been aired and are available for streaming on Hulu to those who wish to get a visual feel for Morrison’s.

For anyone who is looking for a cozy place to eat a great meal or to relax and get a drink, Morrison’s is the place for you. One could even say that we are so lucky to get a taste of Ireland in Alton!

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