A Time to Give Thanks

Ashtyn Britt

There can at times be a lot of controversy that surrounds Thanksgiving, and not for bad reasons. The history of Thanksgiving in America and the settlers’ relationship with indigenous people is problematic to put the situation lightly. I acknowledge this fully, and support the entire history be included when speaking of the first Thanksgiving. Knowledge and Education are the world’s most powerful tools, after all.

However, for this specific article, I will be specifically focusing on the current modern Thanksgiving in America as most people know it. This is a special time of year where everyone eats turkey and reflects on all the blessings they should be recognizing, since a lot of people don’t have such benefits. It can be very hard when times are rough to be happy with one’s life, and can make it hard to be grateful at all. I know this well.

Even still, I encourage everyone to try to push back against cynicism for a moment and look at the good still in the world, and in our lives. I have friends who care about me, a job that I love, and a book collection that always helps take me on new adventures no matter where I am. I have faced far worse days than now, and acknowledge that must mean by default today is a good day. For this, I am thankful.

For anyone else this Thanksgiving who may be having troubles holding onto a positive outlook, I can understand why. Sometimes, family can get on our nerves. Sometimes, we don’t want to talk about politics. Even so, I encourage you to try to enjoy and focus on the little things.

There are so many good little things, and they deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. Getting to see your Mom smile, or hear your brother laugh, or even watch a funny special on TV after dinner. It can be hard at times to be Thankful, but I suppose that’s why this is a time of year to give thanks to everyone and everything in your life that makes it a little bit easier.

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