Listen Linda: Just Do the Work

Olivia Bettorf


When I say I have worked with or currently work with irritating people, I’m saying that because of how annoyed I am, and I say it with every ounce in my heart. I usually find myself with people who just want to stand around and get paid to throw a fit when they have to work. I will admit, sometimes I do not want to do the work either, but I suck it up and just deal with it. I work multiple jobs but I don’t mind because I’m getting paid good money.

But there is another reason I sometimes do not wish to participate in working, and it is not because I’m tired and in a lazy mood. It’s because I am the only one doing the work. I know a lot of people are going to say “But that’s your job.” No Linda, I shouldn’t have to be the only one doing my work and more, just so my co-workers can leave at the same time I do. Why get a job if you are not going to be a team player for the job? There is no point, and it brings everyone else down.

I’m making this rant because for most of my job careers from 16 until now have been in the restaurant/food service industry. I also learn quickly when I do things hands-on, so I can grasp stuff pretty easily, which does sometimes lead me to be the go-to for management when they need someone. I don’t mind that at all, as it’s more money for me and I get to learn new things both in the kitchen and in the front house. But it’s when I work with people who have been there long enough to know that everyone should contribute every ounce of energy to help out and we should have a team-work like system. 

However, how much of that is actually present? Nada. It makes my job less fun even though I love the jobs I have–I make new friends and memories and have a good time, but there are always co-workers who will put you in some kind of mood that is hard to escape. I have tried to get out of the mood and every time have failed epically. It’s hard to do, but my advice is to keep pushing forward with the job until you finally get to the place you want to be or until you get an offer that is better than the place you are in now. 

Moral of this month’s rant is JUST DO YOUR JOB!! Please do not let your co-workers suffer, help each other to your best ability, and everything will go a lot smoother. Until next time y’all.

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