Lewis and Clark’s Career Fair Helps Student’s Futures.

Ashtyn Britt


Lewis and Clark Community College hosted its annual career fair April 3, 2019, in the Commons building to allow students the chance for a head start to find a job in their career field. The career fair helps students nearing graduation look for internships or starter jobs in their field, providing many tables with career options as well as employment offices. Staff members such as Terry Lane help the students of this school, especially adult students, with finding jobs and is one of the main people who help organize and run the career fair.

The tables, being represented by the various companies, facilities, and police forces in the area, offering a plethora of information in regards to what it would take to have a career with them. The tables also offered plenty of free products for those who passed by as well, including pamphlet information, chargers, dice, cups, pens, sunglasses, stress balls, coloring books, crayons, and more.

The event was well received and full of fresh-faced students hoping for an on-sight interview that could allow them the chance to soon gain another step into their adult life an further their independence. The event stayed filled with well-dressed and prepared people for the entire time, much to the joy of the recruiters and the staff who hosted the event. Some students even came with resumes already previously printed out for the occasion.

Another adult student who helps the career resource center on Lewis and Clark Campus, Jen Baker, was happy to help for the career fair. Baker states that she enjoyed “Being able to help the job seekers not knowing what to do, saying they’re scared and hadn’t written a resume in so long and being able to redirect them to the career resource specialist who can help make resumes on the spot.”

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