Lewis and Clark Warms Hearts During National Volunteer Week

Ashtyn Britt


This year Lewis and Clark Community College offered the student body a chance to give back to the community for National Volunteer Week, which took place from April 8, 2019, until April 12, 2019. There were many organizations who offered students the chance to volunteer, whether it be for extra credit or simply out of the kindness of their hearts. A few organizations that had people participate included the Alton Museum of History & Art, Alton Boys and Girls Club, Alton Main Street Cleanup, Alton YWCA, Catholic Children’s Home, Caravan Oasis Women’s Shelter, Five A’s Animal Shelter, OSF Home Care Sevices, and Head Start Agencies.

National Volunteer Week has been recognized by many countries as an opportunity for people to show their love and appreciation for their local communities and use their efforts to put out good back into the world. It has been suggested that volunteering not only helps society as a whole but has offered the people volunteering benefits as well due to feeling altruistic afterward and a strengthening sense of self-confidence. There have also been suggestions that it can positively affect a volunteer’s physical health as well through more active participation and joy they both give and receive to others.

However, nobody needs to wait until National Volunteer Week to help the local community. The previously mentioned organizations are always open and welcoming to people looking to volunteer. Volunteering can help improve the local ecosystem as well as making an impact in the lives of children and animals as well, which does impact the future. Lewis and Clark Community College is undoubtedly thankful to the students who participated in National Volunteer Week this year, and will hopefully have another positive turnout next year. For any further volunteer options or to help the environment, one would want to contact Nate Keener at nkeener@lc.edu for more information.

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