LC’s Got Talent!

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LC Pride hosted its first talent show as part of a club fundraiser for “One Million Kids”, a foundation that raises awareness and support for the LGBQT+ youth and community, and ultimately helped to raise one hundred dollars.

Students gathered in the auditorium of the Hatheway Cultural Center, here at Lewis and Clark Community College on Nov. 3, 2018, for a visible and audible celebration of talents.

“This event provides a wonderful opportunity for students to share their many varied talents with the LC Community,” said Peter Hussey, professor of music and percussionist here at Lewis and Clark. “I was so happy to see such a diverse offering of performers and performances at the event.”

Cassandra Shipley, LC Pride co-president and Harley Quinn cosplay enthusiast, hosted the event alongside LC Pride co-president Natalie Hogle. Their passion for inclusion on campus is part of what inspired them to join LC Pride and help facilitate events such as this.

As part of the audible delight, many students like Claudia and Kori Kay performed covers of popular songs from “Catfish and the Bottleman” to the “Dixie Chicks”, while some students like Noah Jones, Tyler Reynolds, and Devin M performed some of their own original material.

For the visual delight of attendants, there were acts such as that of Nick Moss who performed a self-choreographed dance to the song “Undenied: by Portishead, as well as the creation of a digital art piece by August Kinney, which the audience viewed  the progress of via an overhead projector in between other performing acts.

Two winners were selected at the end of the show and the determination of those winners was made in an interesting and inclusive way. One performance was determined the winner by a panel of judges including Steve Higgins, Jen Cline, Sean Hill, and Peter Hussey. Devin M and Tyler Reynolds’ performance of original material was selected as the winner of the judges choice.

The other winner, Nick Moss was determined through a vote by the people of the audience. Audience members were given a ticket at admission that was good for one vote. Throughout the show additional tickets were available for purchase at $1 apiece, with proceeds going toward fundraising.

“It was surprising because not that many people came up to give me votes”, Moss said describing his win and his musical choice.”I really like sad pop music- something to get those emotions going and give the audience a chance for interpretation.”

Moss, a psychology major here at LC, described his desire for honoring LC Pride as well as a passion for dance as part of his inspiration for participating in this event and is planning another performance for next year.

LC Pride was “proud that we gave students a showcase for their talents and  at the same time we were able to raise $100 for our charity, ‘One Million Kids’.”

For a more in-depth review of the show please check out Hayley Ruyle’s article entitled “Congratulations, LC Pride Talent Show “.

“ I think the show was great!” Ruyle said describing the show. “My favorite act happened to be the graphic design by August [Kinney], it was out of the norm and really cute, I loved it.”

Anyone interested in performing next year, or getting involved with LC Pride can contact Cassandra Shipley at or Natalie Hogle at

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