Happy Turkey Day, Lewis and Clark!

Ashtyn Britt


Student Activities once again threw a Thanksgiving Party for Lewis and Clark students in Reid Cafe the morning of Nov. 19. Student Activities workers helped to provide pumpkin cheesecake to the students, and Jared Hennings hosted a raffle for various food. The food included a ham, a few cans of cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, and a few pies for the lucky winners.

There had also been a cupcake eating contest, where Olivia Bettorf won after consuming almost the entire cupcake in two bites. Bettorf didn’t need much convincing to join the festivities “It was obvious nobody else was willing to participate, and I wasn’t going to turn down a free cupcake.” Bettorf said after having won the prize of a fifteen dollar gift card to Dairy Queen.

Students also had been given the option to color a picture of a turkey with a variety of markers for another contest in hopes of winning a prize, along with the Black Student Association simultaneously hosting their event for Lewis and Clark students to create and decorate holiday cards for the elderly and hospital patients who may find themselves away from family members this holiday season.

This has been only one of many, many holiday parties that Student Activities has hosted, always being dedicated to doing their best to make a fun environment for Lewis and Clark students, especially around the holidays when things can be stressful for the common student thinking about finals and semester projects.

Student Activities will be hosting a Christmas Party featuring more games and contests in Reid Cafe on Dec. 5 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for any and all students to come and enjoy. For more information about the events or Student Activities, students may contact Jared Hennings at jhenning@lc.edu for further information.

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