L&C Clubs and Activities

Jordan Jones


Lewis and Clark has a wide selection of clubs and student activities available for all enrolled students. Our clubs and activities are a great way to meet your fellow peers on campus, interact within the community, and maximize your fall and spring semesters at L&C.

Many students agree that college feels — albeit important — stressful at times. Running around campus all day can be exhausting, and meeting fellow peers and creating friendships is more challenging than prior schooling. Joining a club at L&C is a great way to fix this; with several incredible advisors and a diverse and inclusive group of similar, motivated peers, students seeking to relieve some of that pressure should look towards a club best suited for them. 

Clubs and activities typically meet in offices or classrooms during school hours. Members within a club have a unique opportunity to work, interact, and learn about one another over a shared interest. In other words, students can meet their fellow peers who are interested in the same ideas they are. These relationships are crucial in maintaining a stable, healthy attitude leading into exams, projects, and loaded work schedules.  

Still not sure if being in a club can help you? Consider these words from Jared Hennings, advisor of the Black Student Association, Student Activities, and the Student Government Association. “I think being involved in a club or organization allows students opportunities to cultivate friendships, communicate their ideas and, most importantly, work as a team in working on projects. Being involved on campus is a subset of what everyone will do as they find a career – understanding the reality of working with others to solve problems as a team. These skills learned can be listed on a resume and applications for employment or when students are seeking their next educational opportunity.”

Getting involved on campus can also offer a safe place for students, especially those seeking acceptance/guidance within themselves. Steven Higgins, advisor of LC Pride, believes that “…the biggest benefit students get out of joining Pride is the sense of community, a realization that there are like-minded people here at Lewis and Clark that they can connect and bond with.”

Lewis and Clark strives to create an environment where all students can succeed, and clubs are a fantastic tool to help minimize the stress that comes with higher education. College should never feel like a taxing, lonely experience designed to run a student’s wallet dry. Thus, by putting a foot forward and taking advantage of the opportunities within our campus, students can form a safe and, hopefully, exciting space for themselves over the upcoming semesters. 

Not sure about which club to join? How to join? You can find all that information and more on lc.edu/Activities_Clubs/ and discover all the club advisors and diverse groups that may best suit you. Feel free to email your club-of-choice advisor and book yourself right away.


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