Honors College: A Community on Campus

By Jordan Jones


Honors College is a phenomenal group dedicated to promoting a safe, healthy, and striving environment for students at L&C. Any and all transfer-bound students (meaning students who seek to finish their four year degree at a university) use Honors College to augment their college experience. 

Not only can HC students receive honors credit for their courses—a type of achievement that sticks directly to students’ final transcript—but they also relish in many benefits throughout their time on campus. Honors College students are assigned their own librarian and advisor, granted the privilege of semester-long library checkouts, have access to a special lounge reserved only for HC students, and maintain the ability to collaborate with a small group of students all motivated to find success through L&C.

Much of the requirements within the program are designed in ways to help students enhance their career choices and goals. HC students can choose to earn “honors credit” for a course of their choosing, and they can use this opportunity to go above and beyond the basic material of their subject and have something personable to them. This will reflect on their transcript and potentially be shown to other Honors College advisors from four-year universities; in fact, at a big end-of-the-year event called Expo (see image below), some HC students receive full-ride transitions for their expertise in these projects! 

Furthermore, Honors College students have the ability to formulate and maintain a close friendship with one another. Jenn Cline (jacline@lc.edu) works closely with her HC students, and throughout the course students are able to go on trips together, visit historical sites, learn from experts all around the community, and participate on a “staycation” over Spring break with one another. 

Being within a selective group enables community, spirit, and a clearer path to success in college. More information about Honors College at Lewis and Clark can be found here. Any student passionate about learning and perfecting their college experience can apply today. 


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