L&C’s Secrets Keep Leaking Out

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Jen Evanick

Staff Writer


L&C just keeps surprising students with more opportunities. Students can now enroll to both Lewis and Clark and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville at the same time because L&C and SIUE have unveiled a dual admission agreement.

There are many benefits to this agreement such as a seamless transfer to SIUE, $30 application fee waived, financial aid appointments with SIUE on L&C’s campus, and a greater chance of completing an associate’s and bachelor’s degree within four years.

Mary Etting from the Office of Educational Outreach at SIUE said that the primary goal of the dual admission program is to assist students in taking the best series of courses for transfer to their intended major at SIUE.  Since each of the majors at SIUE has different requirements, offering advising and transfer services early lessens the possibility that students take courses that will not transfer toward their degree.

This is just the latest great opportunity made available by L&C. The SIUE office is located in Haskell Hall, Room B7. As of right now, a coordinator is in the LC office on Mondays only, but a full-time coordinator for the L&C campus is in the process of being hired. The office may also be reached by telephone: 618-468-2628.


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