It’s Astounding, Rocky Horror at Skyview

By Alex Johnson 

It’s not often a box office flop goes on to remain in theaters for 45 years. It’s also not often that a movie will make you laugh, cry, question gender norms, shout “asshole” repeatedly, sing and dance. In 1975, the box office bomb, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, did what others often don’t.

To celebrate 45 years of debauchery, The Skyview Drive-In, located on classic Route 66 in Litchfield, Ill., will be screening The Rocky Horror Picture Show this weekend. Originally released Sept. 25, 1975, Skyview is waiting 45 years to the day for their anniversary screening, with night one being on Sept. 25, 2020, at 7 p.m. and a Saturday, Sept. 26, show at 7 p.m. Ticket’s are $7, no reservations. 

Part of Rocky Horror’s popularity is the audience participation, which includes specific lines one is supposed to shout at certain points, sing-alongs, costumes, and more. “[The] audience will most certainly participate!”, says Mindy Pastrovich, one of the four owners of Skyview Drive-In, “We do not have a live action [cast] or host – we have played this (now) four of our five years, and this is the first we’ve been asked! Costumes are encouraged [and] we do visit with patrons as they get in and get settled.”

Pastrovich and the rest of the Skyview crew are Rocky Horror fans, stating “Time Warp of course!” when asked about her favorite song from the film.  She also explained they will be taking photos for their Facebook page and giving away “goodies” for participation, so if you plan on attending be sure to wear your tuxedo, corset and fishnets. “Anything from tickets, to posters and popcorn and logo’d apparel” are up for grabs for those who want to get involved in the show, according to Pastrovich.

The Facebook event page for The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Skyview can be found here. Be sure to check Skyview’s main Facebook page regularly for new and classic movies.


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