I Don’t Want to Hear Your Fake Excuses

Haley Ruyle


We all have those students in our class that we just hate. The students who skip class, the bullies, the partiers, the tardy students, the students who cheat on tests, and of course the copycats. It makes you wonder how they get away with it? Or how the teacher could be so blindsided by their nonsense?

Well, I say enough is enough, no more fake excuses, this is college! It’s time to act like adults and be responsible. I’m here to tell you a few short stories about some people who were not taking their studies so seriously, which personally gets on my nerves because what we are learning here is setting us up for our future.

Person number one: Chandler.

Chandler was an okay student, for the most part. Chandler paid attention in class, showed up on time, rarely missed a class, the only problem with Chandler was that he was a cheater, a complete and total cheater. He never did his own homework, and always missed a quiz day so he could get the answers from other students. Shame!

Person number two: Monica.

Monica likes to skip her classes, she has no care in the world about her studies. Monica would rather sleep in all day and relax at home than be at school and learn something important, or, well, learn anything for that matter.

Person number three: Rachel.

Rachel is a bad student. She never does her work or pays attention, and since she never pays attention in class, she doesn’t know what to study for. So every homework assignment and every quiz she copies off of someone. Rachel is a textbook copycat. Rachel and a and a few of her friends copy off of faithful friends in a group chat.

I know what your thinking. What is the difference between a copycat and a cheater?

Well, a copycat is sneaky and careful but plays smart, though what they learn they share, they do actually care about others more than just themselves. A cheater will just read your answers over your shoulder or try to get the answer out of you, they don’t care about you they won’t share their answers with you. Cheaters only care about themselves.

Person number four: Joey.

Joey is a teacher’s pet, loved by all, and never misses a day of class. However, what the teachers don’t see is that he is the biggest bully of them all. He teases kids, pushes them around, shoving them in lockers, and steals their lunch money. Joey is no one to be trifled with.

Person number fiver: Ross, Ross is the tardy person, he’s always late for a very important class. Ross is always late. He’s late, he’s late, he’s late. He likes to hang around in the hallways with his friends, goofing off and misbehaving, getting himself in trouble, making himself late to class.

Person number six: Phoebe, Phoebe is the person that always makes me angry, because even outside of school she’s a troublemaker. Phoebe is what most people call an partier. She abuses substances while she is still under the age limit, and since her habits affect her studies, she is unable to move forward in what she wants to be in life.

Those are just six students who do terrible things, and I hope that after you read this that you don’t pick up any of the habits that they chose to make of themselves.

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