Lust vs Love

Anna Summers


In our generation, there is a huge difference between love and lust.

Love can be shown in many ways, but do not be fooled. Lust can easily be a cover with someone easily just by what they say or how their actions are. Say you are at a party, and you are wearing tight clothes and a guy comes up to you and tells you everything you want to hear, just to get what they want from you.

Do you believe that is love or lust? It is lust, and you shouldn’t fall for their words, especially at a party or even out in public.

Love is when someone puts you before themselves. Love is when they give you the last piece of cake on the plate. Love is when they are here for you no matter what the situation is or how big or small the situation is. Someone who can love you when you eat thirty dollars’ worth of taco bell in front of them, and they still believe that you are perfect in every way.

Lust is someone doing everything they can just have what only they want from you. Lust is when someone knows you are not okay, but makes excuses why they can’t be there to help and comfort you. Lust can include lies, pain, excuses, confusion, and much more.

If it was love, would the person be making excuses? Would the person sit there and make you feel as if you were not good enough for them?  There are many different options to see the signs on what it is. Do not be fooled by someone using kind words! Watch their words, watch their actions, then watch the results of the situation.

Be cautious about everything when it comes to you and someone else, especially in this generation!  

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