How to Stay Entertained in Quarantine

By William Mashburn

There are a lot of ways to stay entertained. In this day and age, staying entertained is essential in a variety of ways. With COVID still a very real thing and with schools opening back up, it is a great time to find new ways to pass the time. Some ways I can think of are as follows.

    Reading. Now, to a lot of younger people reading does not sound like something that we would call entertaining. However, a lot of books are other people’s imagination written out for others to explore. Reading and writing are great ways to get your ideas out there and share what you have to say. If a book is not something that fits your fancy try something else. There are what seems to be an infinite amount of blogs, news sites, informal articles and more for us to read. To my surprise, the vast majority of these blogs and articles are very entertaining. 

    Another thing you can do is play video games. This is not something new, but playing video games has been and still is a great way to pass the time. There are so many games out there that can fit multiple play styles. Not every single game is 17+ rated and involves blood and gore. Games like Animal Crossing and Minecraft are essentially just games that involve making friends, planting flowers, building and exploring. Other games like Zelda allow you to have a kid-friendly fighting experience that excludes all the gore. However, games like Doom and God of War have a fair amount of gore. Either way, playing video games is a great way to pass the time and to entertain people a variety of ages. 

    If that does not suit you, maybe going outside is something to consider. And no, I am not talking about just going outside and walking, but to have a goal. Go outside and plan on something. For example, if you head outdoors bring what you need compared to the weather. If it is hot, bring water and maybe some shade; if it is cold, grab a jacket. Once you do that, find something to do, like walk to or around the park, go visit a friend or find a place to go take pictures. To my surprise, doing photography out in the world is something relaxing and it passes the time like nothing. The best part is a camera can take a huge amount of pictures. Even your phone would work. Going outside does not cost anything and doing it during your favorite season can only further that good experience. 

    These are just a few ways to have fun and stay entertained during these hard times. It is always important to stay safe and take care of yourself.


Featured image by William Mashburn


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