Fall Fest Shines a Spotlight on Thriving Clubs and Organizations 

By Isabelle Flener 


Students, faculty, and staff eagerly gathered on Thursday, Sept. 21 to partake in the annual Fall Fest extravaganza. The Commons buzzed with excitement, boasting an impressive lineup of tables hosted by clubs and organizations. Free food was generously catered for all in attendance, alongside an array of activities, games, and enticing giveaways—the event was nothing short of spectacular. A DJ filled the stage, infusing the atmosphere with music to set the tone for an unforgettable afternoon. 

Fall Fest welcomed a diverse crowd, from those experiencing the event’s magic for the very first time to seasoned veterans of the festival. The Commons was chattering with joyous expressions and the conversations of faculty, club members, and athletes alike. 

“My favorite activity at Fall Fest was kicking soccer balls onto the Velcro mat. It was awesome how even though some people did not know each other they were all competing and having a fun time,” said Chloe Knowles, a softball player and video game club member.  

Even community members joined in on the fun, moving through the tables full of candy and different giveaways. The welcoming atmosphere at each club’s table was infectious, with club members enthusiastically greeting all attendees.  

“I am a part of the Dawg Pound, so I came to support our club table and to hang out with my friends,” student Madi Thompson commented. 

Adding an extra layer of excitement, there was a competition for the best-designed table, and the Garden Club received the first-place prize. Each table had their own unique touches to highlight what their organization was all about.  

“The student activities club had a great table,” Thompson said. “They were super friendly and had a lot of fun things they were giving away.”  

Above all, Fall Fest serves as a unifying force that brings students, staff, faculty, and the community together to illuminate the myriad of opportunities available at Lewis and Clark Community College. 

“Events, like Fall Fest, play a huge role in building a sense of community by bringing students together. It creates opportunities for students to connect, make friends, and feel like they belong. It also helps create memories and show off school pride,” Thompson said.  

For a glimpse into future events of every kind, be sure to visit https://events.lc.edu. The journey of discovery and celebration continues! 
Fall Fest 2023


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