Concentrating On Your Future While Forgetting the Past

By Alexandra Blockton

There comes a time in our lives when we just solely start thinking and focusing on what is to come while trying our best to forget certain events in our lives from the past. I must say it is not an easy process and it will not happen overnight. But when you are able to start focusing on the positive things life has to offer, it will help you come to a conclusion from your past.

Overthinking can cause lots of confusion and disturbances for you. Especially, if you have experienced trauma in your past. Letting go and moving forward is the best thing to do. Learning to take control of yourself and dreams will help you become a better person. Stressing and worrying will only cause unwanted migraines. You have to start doing positive things in your life that make you happy as a human being. As well as surrounding yourself around individuals who make you feel worthy. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their very own special way.

Of course, just sitting back thinking of your future will not complete your goals in life. But when you make a plan and start reacting to your goals by accomplishing them. You are definitely making progress! Being hard on yourself will only cause more issues and complications within yourself.

Understanding that you no longer live in your past will help give you the energy to keep pushing ahead. No one can control what has already happened in their lives, but you do have control over what is going to happen. No matter what it is you want to conquer in this world if you put your effort and mind to it. You will be able to succeed!

Stop letting your past control who you are today because you are no longer that person anymore. Keeping a level-headed mind and doing what is best for you within your future goals will make you the person that you want to become. Life is way too short to dwell on something that has already happened. Look at what is ahead of you for the better!

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Alexandra is pursuing an Associate Degree in general studies as a Transfer Student. After Fall 2023, she will transfer to a 4-year university to major in Psychology.
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