Apple Picking at Eckert’s

By Kathryn Smith

I HAVE NEVER MET AN APPLE I DIDN’T LIKE! Apple picking is one of the most popular activities you can do during the fall season. The apples are crisp and ready to be eaten or made into apple pie. Yum!

Every year, my family and I take a trip down to Eckert’s, a family farm. Eckert’s is known for their seasonal grown fruits and veggies. As of right now, they have apples and pumpkins that are still available for picking. During the year, they have many fruits and veggies such as peaches, strawberries, asparagus, pumpkins, and more. You can even pick your own Christmas tree. ‘TIS THE SEASON?

Eckert’s also has many kinds of events during the month that you can do with friends and family. Some of their events that are happening right now or coming soon include Pumpkin Jamboree, Biscuits and Bubbles Brunch, Holiday Open House, and many more coming up for the holiday season.

Eckert’s Country Store and Eckert’s Country Restaurant are also located there. The store has produce, meat deli, bakery, home decor, clothing, flowers, and much more. Their restaurant, which I personally have eaten at before, has so many delicious meals to choose from. The desserts are also very tasty! OH SO YUMMY!

Some friends and I got to take a trip down to the Eckert’s located in Belleville, IL. We started off with a tractor ride up to the apple fields. We got our very own bags to put our apples in. Let me tell you, they have so many apple trees in their fields! They also have many different kinds of apples to choose from. Once we were done picking our apples, we took a tractor ride past the pumpkins where you could stop and pick your own pumpkins. We had a great time at the Eckert’s farm.

There are so many things or events you can do, fruits and veggies you can pick (depending on the season), and lots of opportunities to make memories at Eckert’s. There are still apples and pumpkins available for picking. If you miss out on that, I highly recommend picking your own Christmas tree for the holiday season. If you would like more information about Eckert’s, click the link below. HAPPY PICKING!


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