You’re Not Going to Find Your Second Amendment Rights in Aisle Two

Ashtyn Britt


I consider myself a fair libertarian, meaning I have a strong believe in democratic social causes as well as republican financial causes. I essentially believe that people should have mostly independent freedoms that should rarely involve the federal government. This means that inherently, I believe in the second amendment and a citizen’s rights to bear arms if they want to. Let me be clear, I am not talking about a family’s hunting hobby, I am talking about protection from government tyranny in case if a dictator ever rose to power and the people needed to revolutionize. 

That being said, you’re an idiot if you think it’s perfectly acceptable to tote around an Armalite AR-15 rifle inside of your local Wal-Mart. There have been a couple of situations lately in which civilians decided to test the limits of their rights and openly carried guns into their local grocery store as if they were worried the loaves of bread might start growing sharp teeth and attacking people. All jokes aside, there is no reason I can think of in which hauling around a gun for everyone to see is an acceptable thing to do. Concealed carry, while I don’t think is necessary for the local grocery store, is at least concealed. When someone is clearly brandishing a dangerous weapon like a gun however, you’re scaring the living daylights out of men, women, and children to make a political point–and it’s ridiculous. Now, since the few incidents of that happening, Wal-Marts have decided to stop selling ammunition, much to the anger of conservatives all over the country. 

What exactly did you think was going to happen? Pulling reckless stunts like that is what ruins the second amendment right for everyone else who responsibly owns guns with proper training and safes to contain said weapons. People who decide it’s cool to abuse their second amendment right are the people making a valid point of concern for the people who think the United States should ban guns. Come on now, use your common sense. In the case of a home invasion where there are small children and someone is threatening you harm? Having the right to a weapon would of course be a very necessary thing to have. While trying to choose between Cheerios or Froot Loops? Not so much. 

The bottom line is to not be angry with Wal-Mart for their choice as a business to no longer sell ammunition. Be angry with the morons who decided to senselessly prove a point and make everyone who supports the second amendment look like a gun-toting stereotypical aggressive jerk in the process. Blame the people who decide to harm a bunch of innocent civilians for whatever reason, and listen to those who have an opposite point of view when it comes to the second amendment. You don’t have to like it, but you can acknowledge there’s a point to be made for the other side. Do I still believe in the second amendment? Of course. Do I also believe you shouldn’t be flailing around dangerous weaponry next to the shampoo aisle? Absolutely.

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