YOU Will Never Believe What Happened on YOU Season 2!

Ashtyn Britt


Sometimes, when we get our hearts broken, we feel that it’s time to start over. For some people, this means moving to a new city, getting a new job, and in the case of Joe Goldberg, even a new name. Netflix has returned with another tale from the deadly romantic, picking up not too long after where we left off in the first season. Candace is alive and determined to make Joe pay for all of his crimes, which leads to his immediate run to the one place he despises, Los Angeles.

At first, all seems well as he actively tries to deny his impulses to find a new woman to consume his every waking thought, until he finally finds Love. Literally, as the woman he meets is named Love. Slowly but surely, Joe, or “Will” as he goes by in this season, is a sucker for Love and goes back to his usual stalking ways in order to try to find the opportunity to win her over. As Joe adjusts to life in L.A. he also befriends and works with Love’s brother Forty, keeps a protective eye on his fifteen-year-old neighbor, and has to figure out what to do with the real Will, who is currently locked in Joe’s new and improved glass cage. 

As Joe struggles to keep up his false identity and successfully winning Love over, the audience is taken on an insanely wild ride through the rest of the second season. If you thought things were insane in season one, you haven’t seen anything yet! This season ends with the ultimate twist ending for the two doomed love birds, and I can’t emphasize enough for anyone who hasn’t binged the show yet, to immediately do so. YOU has been confirmed by Netflix for a third season to premiere in 2021.

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