Workout Review “The Rock”


By Lakyn Gardner

The Rock illustration

Welcome back to Workout Review. It’s time to do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s workout. I feel like this workout has been long-awaited. Dwayne Johnson is a football player turned wrestler turned actor, a man of many talents as you can tell. To me, he’s an Idol. Growing up, I watched so many movies with him, just admiring his physique as; I always aspired to be like him. Johnson preaches always being the hardest worker in the room, and that’s something I try to live by in my job and my gym activities. It’s you versus you, who’s going to win?

The Rock’s workouts are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s somewhat of a mix between CrossFit and strong man. I’ve been following on Instagram for about five years; to see the effort this man puts in is something you must behold with your own eyes. This definitely looks like one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done, so I’m excited to get in the gym.

Typically, I wait a day to tell you how my results are, however, I can say now, my legs are destroyed. I drive a manual-transmission vehicle and leaving the gym was a struggle. This was the most rigorous and intense workout I’ve ever had. My focus was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I believe that is because I look up to The Rock so much and I would not want to disappoint him by doing his workout poorly. I was mentally focused the entire time, as I was listening to one of his speeches.

The following day I can tell you I was hurting. I can’t believe he does this all the time; however, I’m going to give myself a little bit of credit because I am in a calorie deficit. This workout was intense and gave me amazing mental focus, even better I can recommend this to anybody. The lifts in this require more mind to muscle connection, so I would say advanced lifters give this a shot. I believe beginners in the gym should give this one a try too, because it will open your eye to what you can do when you can make mind to muscle connections like it’s second nature. I give this workout at 10 out of 10. 


-Barbell Walking Lunge – 4 sets, 25 reps

-Leg Press – 4 sets, 25 repsWorkout Illustration

-Leg Extensions – 3 sets, 20 reps

-Barbell Squat – 4 sets, 12 reps

-Hack Squat – 4 sets, 12 reps

-Single Leg Hack Squat – 4 sets, 12 reps

-Romanian Deadlift – 4 sets, 10 reps

-Seated Leg Curl – 3 sets, 20 reps

-Thigh Abductor – 4 sets, 12 reps



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