Workout Review “Captain America”


By Lakyn Gardner

Welcome back to workout review ladies and gentlemen and non-binary people. Today we are going to be reviewing “it worked out” which is probably not known by many, however, the man himself is quite known. It’s Captain America’s workout. Captain America himself doesn’t upper, lower split with two days rest, and on day seven of the week he does arms and abs gotta keep a good balance you know. Doing an upper, lower is foreign to me I usually do push, pull, legs, or a bro split for strength. I’m excited to try this workout. I’ve decided to do his first lower body workout which is mostly focused on the quads in the hamstrings because I’m yet to do legs on this review so I don’t want you guys to think I’m lacking I hit legs every week twice a week. As per usual, the workout will be located at the bottom. Off to the gym see you in a few.

 Alrighty, it’s the next day and I must say this is a pretty intense workout it kept my heart rate up pretty high. this is a good combination of compound movements along with intense plyometrics. This is a very foreign combination of workouts ’cause usually, I lift heavy for my first three workouts, and then my next three workouts are more plyometric so to combine the two in a single workout with quite the load. I think the hardest part of this workout had to be for me the box jumps it tested my agility and coordination after doing squats and deadlifts. I enjoyed this workout I dislike the line leg curls because a lot of places have machines but I don’t fit in those machines because I’m too tall so I had to do them laying down on the ground with a barbell in between my feet which I feel like I didn’t get the full range of motion not being able to fully stretch my legs with the weight.

Overall, this workout was amazing. I was intense and eager to do the next lift. That’s one of the main things that you need to look for in a workout you want to enjoy what you’re doing to keep doing it because if you’re not enjoying your workout you’re just going through the motions you’re not getting your full potential shown and you will make sure every time you go in the gym you’re putting it all on the table I feel like this workout was able to do that for me. Now, this has opened me up to an upper, lower, arms split I’m excited to see how much I can grow. I give this workout an 8 out of 10.

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