Winning Streak at the KD Cup’s Third Tournament: For Love & Dodgeball

By Mallory E Clevenger

Photo by James Pepper

On Feb. 2, the LC Community gathered for a thrilling dodgeball tournament pitting students against teachers and staff. The event, hosted in the Riverbend Arena, kicked off with a pre-game gathering at noon where Firehouse subs catered to both students and teachers to fuel them up before the fierce competition began at 12:50 a.m.

The participants were divided into three teams, each sporting distinct colors: students wore yellow, faculty boasted blue, and staff was equipped with black. “There were enough members of each team that they had to battle themselves before proceeding into the main bracket,” LC student Belle Blackorby noted.

Blackorby further shared her unique experience, revealing, “I played for the faculty team to help our PTK leader, Elizabeth Grant. We still got vaporized by the student team; they were intense!”

Despite the competition, Blackorby expressed her enthusiasm for the event, “It was an amazing event. Back in high school, there weren’t as many school-run social events that people actually attended, and seeing just how many people showed up really had me feeling the LCCC pride!”

LC student Alex Kribs celebrated the victory of the student team, declaring, “The student team won, and we are currently on a winning streak. This is our third win in a row for students.”

The KC Cup dodgeball tournament not only provided a platform for friendly competition but also highlighted the strong sense of community at LC. The success of the event reflects the growing enthusiasm for school-sponsored social activities, like the KD Cup, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie among students, faculty and staff alike. As students continue their KD Cup winning streak, the dodgeball tournament stands out as a memorable and unifying experience for everyone at Lewis and Clark.

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