We Miss You, Cameron Boyce

Haley Ruyle


Cameron Boyce was an amazing actor and a true hero to all of his fans. Cameron made a true difference in the world, and not just through laughter– he touched so many people’s lives with his voice. And even though Cameron Boyce is gone, he remains all around us to this day.

Some people would say that his epilepsy would be his biggest weakness, but Cameron saw it as his superpower. The actor’s parents said Cameron “didn’t want his epilepsy to define him.” 

“He wasn’t scared,” Victor Boyce, Cameron’s father, added. “He never complained about anything.” Cameron Boyce was a fighter and he was strong. He will be deeply missed, and we can remember and see him in all the amazing movies and TV shows that he has performed in.

The young star appeared in films that he is most commonly known for including Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, Eagle Eye, as well as starring in the Disney Channel franchises Jessie and Descendants 1, 2, 3, and many, many more!

In honor of Cameron Boyce’s tragic death from a seizure in his sleep, his family decided to make a foundation page to spread awareness. His family knew that is what his dream would be–to leave this world with something that was much bigger than himself.

Following his death, his family started the Cameron Boyce Foundation. According to People Magazine, the Cameron Boyce Foundation “[provides] young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world.” The Foundation was established in 2019 to honor Cameron’s legacy.

2 thoughts on “We Miss You, Cameron Boyce

  1. i am 13 and i love watching cameron, he was a good person and had to go so soon. i know that his friends from the movies(dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and booboo Stewart) miss him to and I can lie I am dove camreons biggest fan love you all

  2. My 10 year old son made his Christmas wish that Cameron could still be with us and live a long full happy life making a difference in this world , to have someone touch my childs life like that makes everything he did with his life matter more than I could ever dream , thank you young man. We miss you every day.

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