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Graphic by: Shelby Wallace
Graphic by: Shelby Clayton
Joseph Schlueter

The newest first person shooter game by Blizzard is sweeping the world with it’s amazing cast of characters and its hooking twist to the First-Person Shooter Genre. Overwatch is an objective based team Deathmatch which expands out of the normal shooter genre.

Overwatch is aesthetically pleasing with its colorful scenery and it’s amazing character design. There are few different game modes to choose from like: control point, escort, and random brawls that switch out consistently.

Control point is when there is a point both teams are fighting over and must hold them in a king of the hill style match. Escort is a game mode where it is required to be pushed along a track while one team pushes it forward and the other team pushes it back.

The brawl changes from week to week changing some of the rules of a normal match usually including a small pool of characters and how fast things charge. For the characters they are separated into four major groups: offence, defense, tank, and support.

Offence characters are used to do damage to the enemies. Pharah is one example of an offensive character. She jetpacks around the map shooting rockets and blasting her enemies around with a concussion blast.

Defense characters are better at keeping enemies from stepping out of line and taking out anyone who goes over that line. An example of a defensive character would be Mei who takes frostbite to a whole new level. Mei works on freezing enemies and takes out any of the weaker characters with ease.

Tanks are characters who are there for taking damage and pushing the enemies back from an objective. One of the tanks are Roadhog, with his insane personality and his hooking ability to pull people into him Roadhog.

Supports are characters that help support other characters and heal them and keep the front line strong. Lucio is a support who focuses on soundwaves.

Lucio switches between two melodies to help pump up his allies or to heal your allies which can be amped up. Lucio also has the ability to create a sound barrier around his teammates which shields his allies and himself for a few seconds.

Overwatch is surely one of the few new games that has changed up the shooter genre, making it a great experience that should be tried at least once. Overwatch has the possibility to be one of the best games of 2016, if not the best.

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