Vanishing Club Fliers Cause Problems On Campus

vanishing fliers

photo: Nick Howland

By Deaven Zimmerman

Staff Writer

Asian Pop Culture Club’s fliers are being repeatedly taken down causing problems for the club.

Someone has been taking down Lewis and Clark Community College’s Asian Pop Culture Club fliers. The fliers had been approved by Student Activities and were posted in highly trafficked areas in the main campus building at the college’s Godfrey location. The club, which meets from 2 pm to 4 pm on Tuesdays in Fobes 3500, is dedicated to uniting people with a common interest in Asian Pop Culture and to promoting Asian culture by exploring its popular media.

This semester membership has gone down averaging roughly 10 members including the club’s officials as opposed to its 15 to 20 members last semester. The club blames this in part to their repeatedly vanishing fliers.

“It’s really hard to get people to show up to meetings when they aren’t advertised. We keep putting these fliers up and sometimes they last and sometimes they don’t. This semester we haven’t been able to keep them up really at all,” said Sarah “Zesh” Ulloa, president of Lewis and Clark’s Asian Pop Culture Club, “It’s annoying because it’s more time that we have to spend printing out fliers and putting them up only to find them gone the next day. I know that the club doesn’t demand that much respect on campus but it’s really bad form to know that there is someone or some group that is taking them down.”

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