Underworld Falling Asleep

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Pat Hunt

Staff Writer

Underworld Awakening is the fourth installment in the Underworld franchise and, in correct chronology, it takes place after the second movie, Underworld Evolution. The main character, Selene, learns of her child after being cryogenically frozen; that is basically the movie’s entire storyline.  The character, Michael – the love interest throughout the whole series – makes a cameo appearance, but he is played by a stand in, so that was disappointing as well. Also, by the year 2012, I had expected that the special effects would have improved, but they still look terrible. I’m not trying to bash on the entire franchise because the first two movies were decent; the story was original and had awesome action scenes, but this movie lacked any texture and was almost all action with no character development. That may sound intriguing to some but that type of person has no taste in a good movie. Also I can’t believe I’m saying this but it seems as if they are uglying up Kate Beckinsale in this movie, compared to how she looks like in real life.

I am conflicted on whether or not another sequel should be made because the series shouldn’t be ended on this terrible note.

Rating this movie: It deserves 1 star but I will be generous and give it 2 out of 5, but only because the movie features Kate Beckinsale in tight leather. So far this year, Underworld Awakening is the highest earning film, and that is the most horrifying thing about this movie.


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