Trimpe Breaks Ground



Trimpe West side construct
Photo by Karen Hancock
Eric Welch

The Trimpe Building on L&C’s Godfrey campus has been remodeled to update the heating, venting and air conditioning capabilities. 

“The major work was mostly HVAC and flooring, but we also doubled the capacity of our restrooms on the first floor of Trimpe,” L&C Media Services Manager Laura Inlow said.

The first floor men’s restroom was combined with the old women’s restroom to be expanded, and a new women’s restroom is being built across the hall. There is also a new back entrance being built, which will lead into the building from the Wade parking lot.

The renovations also include new flooring for the first floor and remodeled stairs, which led from the first floor to the second floor. Inlow said the money to remodel Trimpe came from Protection, Health/Life Safety Bonds. The actual construction and renovation work was contracted out to Bruce Unterbrink Construction.

Along with the remodeling, Trimpe classrooms 227, 280 and 271 all received new computers. The wiring of the computer labs was also evaluated and replaced when needed.

Installing the new computers and wiring, however, didn’t come without its own challenges. The main one being a time crunch.

“Time was a big issue because we only had a week to put everything back,” L&C CNET Assistant Aaron Walton said. “Technical issues also happened causing us to have to redo certain things.”

Trimpe was open in time for classes when they started this fall.

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