Trailblazer Men’s Basketball Team Has Star Player



Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Kelly Rulison
Sports Editor

Michael Williams-Bey is a college sophomore student who wanted to play for his hometown team at Lewis and Clark. He is now playing as guard for the L&C Trailblazers.

Williams graduated from Alton High School in 2014 and is now attending L&C for his Associate in Science degree. After that, he plans on transferring to a four-year university to get his bachelor’s degree in business.

“Progress is a slow process, but it’s worth the wait,” said basketball player, Michael Williams-Bey.

Williams continued, “If you stay determined and put the work into mastering your craft, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to join an athletic team.”

Ever since Williams was a young child he loved to play basketball, it was his passion and he has continue to play since then. Williams has already earned several MVP tournament awards. He was on the all-tournament team for the Alton High Basketball Tournament, and was named to the all-conference team for the Southwestern Illinois Conference his senior year.

This year is the first year Williams will be playing college basketball, and he will be starting out as a guard for the Trailblazers.

“Mike will be one of the quicker players on our team this season,” Head Coach Doug Stotler said. “His quickness allows him to penetrate to the basket, but also allows him to be an important weapon while defending.”

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