Top Five Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Jordan Jones

The day of love is right around the corner! Showing your friends, family, cats (or dogs… for all of you non-cat addicts out there!) neighbors and soul-mates, how much you love them is climbing to the top of everyone’s list. Which is why I devised this handy, top five best chocolates to buy for this Valentine’s Day! 


Sorry, pet-lovers! 


Number 5: Hershey’s Kisses


Some of the most classic, hard-hitting chocolates around have gotta be Hershey’s Kisses. Not only are these accessible at practically every store, but it really puts the “love” in candy form. I mean, look at the name, after all?


Number 4: Cadbury Chocolate


Cadbury is a delicious choice for virtually every holiday. My personal favorite is Cadbury eggs, but there are plenty of flavors/mixes that can really make this Valentine’s Day something special. 


Number 3: Lindt Truffles


These things are everywhere, yet they always slap as a gift to lovers! With a gooey milk chocolate deliciousness and flavors such as caramel and mint chocolate, Lindt Truffles are a strong choice for a passionate holiday with the ones you hold close. 


Number 2: Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts


Everyone loves Reese’s. With a beautiful mix between peanut butter and that lovely, chocolate flavor, you can’t go wrong with buying your loved ones these! 


Number 1: Godiva Assorted Chocolate Box


To really spice up this Valentine’s Day, surprise your bugaboo with a box of gourmet, delicious treats that’ll last them a lifetime! A bit on the pricier side, these are some of the most gourmet, classic Valentine’s Day treats that  make every relationship that much sweeter!


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