Top 10 Best Broadway Musicals

By Ashtyn Britt

1. Hamilton
Hamilton practically saved broadway as an art form after many years of it declining in favor of movies and streaming services. This hip-hop work of genius by Lin Manuel Miranda telling the life story of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury, is beyond amazing. If you have not yet listened to the sound track, you need to get to it quickly. It did not win a Pulitzer Prize for nothing!

2. Wicked
This follows the life of The Wicked Witch of the West, long before Dorothy ever arrived. This tells the story of xenophobia and friendship in a way that has kept this beautiful and magical show alive for decades, and is in fact the first musical that made me truly fall in love with musical theater.

3. Chicago
This is a sensationalized story about female murderers in the 1920s fighting the system desperately while also trying to gain the highest amount of infamy in the process. It is not only visually and audibly stimulating, but it has a genuinely interesting story that would keep your full attention.

4. Once
This is a more acoustic-based musical telling a story of love that does not necessarily end with marriage and children. Nonetheless, this is one of the most beautiful and touching musicals I have ever seen, and I could not talk about this musical enough. Please look the soundtrack up on YouTube.

5. Phantom of the Opera
This is the masterpiece that put musical theater on the map, following a deformed man’s obsession with a beautiful and talented opera singer. In this twisted beauty-and-the-beast story, we all fall in love with the tragedy and music at play throughout the performance.

6. Be More Chill
Following a nerdy high schooler who takes a literal chill pill that contains a supercomputer that controls his actions, this shows how every teenager has similar issues with knowing how to seem cool. I particularly love how this musical addresses the “grass is always greener on the other side” moral in a unique and technological way.

7. Beetlejuice
Anyone who enjoys Tim Burton will love this reimagining of his classic movie including meta-songs and a story so compelling, you will love it to death!

8. Heathers
This dark comedy analyzes the issues many teenagers face, as well as what to do when caught up in a situation far too intense and how to take responsibility rather than join a vicious and violent crowd.

9. Next to Normal
I particularly enjoyed how this show depicts the severity of mental health, and talks about the various unhealthy coping mechanisms a person could develop as well as the ability to recover and get better.

10. Little Shop of Horrors
While this musical, featuring a man-eating plant, is very catchy, this is lower on the list because of its grim themes and very unhappy ending.

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