The Truth About Pit Bulls!

Anna Summers

There are an alarmingly high amount of people who believe that Pit Bulls are a bad breed of dog that is dangerous and can not be trusted around children. There is also a rumor, or rather a common fact, that Pit Bulls are a breed of dog that often is bred and trained to participate in dogfights, killing, and protecting their own owner and their owner’s family. I myself actually have a Pit Bull and Great Dane mix, and I can honestly say that he is the sweetest dog I have ever owned in my life.

My dog is great around my little brother and other children! He loves to cuddle and watch TV with my family and me, as he can be very lazy. Also, my dog hates the water and snow, even wet grass! He doesn’t know how to bark or growl when needed and only seems to have a negative reaction only when he is playing with his rope while someone is tugging on it against him or even holding it.

In my opinion, Pit Bulls are the sweetest dogs you could own as a pet. On Facebook or Instagram, there are many videos contradicting the idea of Pit Bulls being vicious killing machines, showing a lot of Pit Bulls snuggled up with their owners in pajamas, blankets, or just being cozy by a fireplace or electric heater.

I myself recently watched a video where a pet owner literally carried his Pit Bull everywhere he went in the house. He even carried the dog while he took the trash out and showered with the dog! There are also Facebook pages of Pit Bulls to see these videos and support these lovable animals.

Did you know there was an actual war on a Pit Bull during WW1 named Stubby, who died in action? Poor Stubby died due to trying to save his owner, or rather his partner, during the war. Did you know Pit Bulls were actually baited for large animals in the early 1800s? They wanted to have dog fights instead of fighting each other or killing each other. Also in Pit Bull fights, there were major bets between each dog. This doesn’t mean that by nature they are bad dogs, though, and people should be further educated on this beautiful breed of dog.

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