The Top 10 Places to Travel to in The United States of America

By Alexandra Blockton

Whether you are a college student, teacher, professor, counselor, faculty member. As well as, coach and advocate, etc.  Everyone deserves the sensation of being in a new place while breathing in the brand new fresh air. Many times we as human beings feel as if we don’t have the time or maybe even the expenses to cover a special trip for vacation. But memories last for a lifetime and there is no place in this world like being able to enjoy the mindset of relaxation while traveling. Indeed, it is a good feeling to be around new people from all over the world. Overall, just being in a new atmosphere is enough attraction by itself to make you want to enjoy yourself. Stop going to the same old places and turn it up a notch by traveling to a new city and state! 

According to Touropia, here is a list of the top 10 cities and states located in the United States everyone should travel to at least once in their life!

  1. New York City: 

The jewel in the crown of the USA when it comes to urban areas, New York is a megacity that is absolutely packed full of iconic places, areas, and buildings. In fact, sometimes it feels like you’re walking through familiar territory, thanks to how often the city features in Hollywood films. There’s Central Park, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Times Square-even the “Five Boroughs” that makeup NYC are famous, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island. Then there’s the culture: Koreatown, multiple Chinatowns, the remnants of Little Italy, and communities from Jewish to African American make New York a true world city made rich by the people who’ve flocked here from all over the world.

      2. Grand Canyon:

Attracting millions of visitors every year, the Grand Canyon is one of those bucket list destinations in the USA. Located in northern Arizona, this massive natural wonder was carved by the Colorado River over a period of several million years. It is not the deepest or the longest canyon in the world but the overwhelming size and colorful landscape offer visitor vistas that are hard to match. Simply find a viewpoint and peer over the edge, or fly over it in a helicopter. There are numerous well-marked trails to try out, including the South Kaibab Trail. If you want a really long hike, go for the Rim-to-Rim Trail but don’t forget to pack plenty of water, this is an unrelenting desert climate, after all.

       3. San Francisco:

Set on the tip of a peninsula, San Francisco is a beautiful city in northern California that is famous for a lot (and we really mean a lot) of things. Undoubtedly, the Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s number one attraction. Tourists can drive, bike ride, or walk across this famous suspension bridge to admire and photograph stunning views. There’s also the bustling Chinatown, the seafood at the ever-popular Fisherman’s Wharf, the notorious island prison of Alcatraz, historic cable cars, and the famously steep and winding Lumbard Street. You’ll be hard-pressed to get bored in this fascinating city.

        4. Las Vegas: 

You wouldn’t think a city in the middle of the desert in Nevada would be as popular as it is, but it’s thanks to the cavalcade of casinos here that Las Vegas is so famous. The most well-known casinos themselves are practically household names: Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, the Bellagio. In addition to gambling, showgirls, and lavish performances, Las Vegas offers plenty more to suit people of all ages and interests. On the main street called the Strip, there are Bellagio’s impressive fountain shows, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, and a replica of an Egyptian pyramid, amongst other landmarks. 

5. Yellowstone:

Established in 1872, Yellowstone is famous for being the very first national park in the world. There are numerous geysers to watch here-notably Old Faithful, which is practically legendary; it never fails to erupt on schedule. And then there’s the multicolored Grand Prismatic Spring, ringed by rainbow colors thanks to different bacteria that live in the cooler sections of this boiling body of water. Yellowstone National Park is also home to more wild animals than just about any place in the United States. 

       6. Chicago: 

Nicknamed the “Windy City” and best known for its towering skyscrapers, sports teams, and unique style of hot dogs and pizzas, Chicago is the third-largest city in the USA. Located on Lake Michigan in the heart of the Midwest region in northeastern Illinois, Chicago is a major hub for finance, industry, and commerce. The city’s numerous sites range from the futuristic Millenium Park and the iconic Sears Tower to the Navy Pier with its parks, restaurants, and amusements. Numerous genres of music such as Jazz, Blues, and House music have roots in the live music venues around Chicago. 

7. Los Angeles:

The second-largest city in the USA, Los Angeles is located in southern California surrounded by the Pacific Coast, mountains, and valleys. Often regarded as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” LA is awash with celebrity culture. You can see the handprints of film stars on Hollywood Boulevard or go on a tour to see stars’ homes in Beverly Hills. For laid back days there’s the bohemian neighborhood of Venice Beach, home to Muscle Beach, and a rambling promenade that doubles as a stage for all sorts of quirky street performers. The seafront city of Santa Monica also offers a more relaxed pace of life with its old pier and aquarium. LA is also home to the world’s first Disneyland-great news if you’re traveling with children.  

8. Washington D.C:

The capital of the United States and the seat of the federal government, Washington D.C. is located on the country’s East Coast. A cosmopolitan city that is home to many diverse cultures, Washington is widely known by its many iconic landmarks like the White House, Capitol Building, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Many of these monuments are all located within the beautifully landscaped parkland known as the National Mall. 

9. Orlando:

Home to world-famous theme parks like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios, Orlando is no doubt a favorite destination for family vacations. Located in central Florida, Orlando is a place where dreams and magic become reality. With several amusement parks, visitors to Orlando can meet their favorite storybook characters, react like famous movie scenes, ride thrilling roller coasters and watch dolphins performing marvelous tricks.  

        10. Hawaii:

The Polynesian archipelago of Hawaii is a veritable paradise that’s spread across hundreds of islands in the Pacific Ocean. With its tropical climate, famously pristine beaches and wealth of natural scenery, Hawaii has been promoted as a tropical destination since the end of WW2. The islands are also a prime destination of surfers from around the world; famous spots include the Banzai Pipeline, a break just off Oahu’s north shore. Despite the steady influx of visitors, indigenous Hawaiian culture still thrives and can be seen in ceremonies, traditions, and folk music.


Now that you all have an idea of fun places to travel to. You may want to consider treating yourself to a relaxing vacation the next time you are able. Unfortunately, checking the weather for each location you plan to travel ahead of time will be a bright idea. Which I would highly recommend because of the multiple year-round different seasons. Such as cold snowy weather and hot sunny weather!  I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want to travel someplace and once you have arrived you noticed you left your warm furry winter boots along with your winter coat because its a blizzard outdoors. 


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