The latest “Knock Out” In Teen Entertainment


Stephanie Gresham

Staff Writer

It is stunningly brutal, yet so simple, anyone can do it.  And from the sound of things, everyone is doing it. The latest trend among St. Louis area teens is what is called the Knock Out Game. The game was described by one underage player who told police, “We used to walk to where a lot of people be at and hit ‘em.  If one of the homeboys didn’t knock him out then the other would come.  Whoever knocked him out would be king.”  The teens are participating in this act of indecency simply for recreation and entertainment.   There have been seven known attacks – including at least one death – in the last fifteen months, according to St. Louis Police. The participants are usually under the age of 17, and are as young as 13, so a battle continues as to whether or not the attackers should be tried as adults.  Victims have been apparently random and have included a 72-year old male and a 59-year old female.  Every victim was reportedly walking in an area considered to be safe when approached by a group of teens.  The acts were excused by the St. Louis Post Dispatch as a “spirit of the times.” The children of Generation Y are capable of more.  Good habits must be formed at youth. The bad habits will be the ones to make all the difference.


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