“The Last Dance” Opinion: MJ, The GOAT

Chris Thomas

The Last Dance.

Micheal Jordan has surely gained my respect in just a few episodes. I knew the stories people told but I didn’t know to what extent his greatness was. Growing up I looked up to Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, I guess you could say Kobe was this era’s Jordan.


Jordan was the best thing basketball fans had ever seen. His cat-like grace, rocket-like explosion, and god-given athleticism was unmatched around his time. However, his brilliant leadership and competitive nature is what truly stands out about him.


Jordan dominated the sports landscape in the 1990s. His presence loomed over the series, which follows his career, starting as a 22-year old kid entering the NBA. He is tasked with carrying a mediocre Bulls team. Through time, and many failures, he became a developed veteran with the poise and mindset built to win multiple championships and even overcome his nemesis, the 1980s Detroit Pistons.


What I liked most about the documentary is the insight into what makes Michael Jordan such a great basketball player. As soon as he joined the Bulls, it was already certain that he was the best on the team.


As he grew as a player, he soon became the team leader and racked up thousands of points in the process. The documentary even brought spotlight to some of the lesser known contributors to Michael Jordan’s legacy. Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson all were given their own small story-line and showed how they all helped along the way. 


This documentary gave me a new perspective of Michael’s career, and now I see why generations before me looked up to him so much. 

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