The Consequences of Healthcare Repeal



Photo by: LaDawna Howard
Photo by: LaDawna Howard
Helen Jarden

It’s no secret that healthcare repeal is an intensely debated topic among Americans. The consequences of this kind of repeal could be disastrous for millions of people.

From working class Americans to young students, there are many who would be affected by the loss of their healthcare and medicaid insurance.

Students like me, who can’t afford both the cost of schooling and insurance, may have to give up on their education in order to afford huge insurance bills. Obamacare also helps families who struggle to provide insurance for each and every member.

Under the current system, Medicare enrollees have access to free preventive benefits. This means that they can receive screenings for things such breast cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. However, under the full repeal that is currently being planned, these benefits will completely disappear.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only major drawback of a repeal. According to a CNN article, found at, removing Obamacare would likely mean higher premiums and deductables for the five millions senior citizens and disabled Americans enrolled in the program.

The horrifying fact of it is that many of these people will be forced to suffer because they simply can’t afford the hospital bills that would drown them in debt.

In a recent interview with NBC’s News Sunday Today, Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to Trump, explained that Republicans want to make Medicaid a state-funded program rather than a federal one.

In states such as Illinois, which has become infamous for the numerous budget issues that occurred in 2016, forcing such a cost would be catastrophic to the state’s economic status.

This move by Republicans feels more like an attempt to avoid working out a solution. Instead of trying to fix the problem they are about to create, they are trying to shove the burden onto others.

The only way to stop this situation from happening is to make the people’s voices heard. To learn what you can do to stop healthcare repeal, check out this list of tips at

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