Teaching and Employment Opportunities Available for L&C Students

By Alexandra Blockton

According to Coordinator of  Student Activities, Jared Hennings, Lewis and Clark students are highly encouraged to take advantage of an opportunity for summer employment as well as volunteering located here in Alton, Illinois at the YWCA.

Lewis and Clark students will get a chance to teach children grades K-6, tutoring them using their professional and knowledgeable skills. This is considered to be a volunteer opportunity. The sessions are weekly and they last three hours.  Students are encouraged to pass the word along if they know someone who may be interested.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain work experience for your resume and meet other individuals throughout the community in the Alton area.

An Emergency Camp for Essential Workers, which is formed by the YWCA, will open beginning June 1st, 2020. There will be an open position to apply for Site Coordinator.

For anyone who may be interested please contact PR/Communication Assistant Mallory Jones at the YWCA of Alton, Illinois. Below is her contact information and remember to spread the word because this is an awesome time for Lewis and Clark students to put their very own teaching skills to use.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested, by all means contact the listed individual below!

Mallory Jones
PR/ Communication Assistant
YWCA of Alton
304 E. Third Street
Alton, Illinois 62002
Phone: 618-465-7774

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