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  • The Art of a Greener Future

    The Art of a Greener Future

    Recycling is a big step in the right direction toward a greener community.

    That is just a part of what Lewis and Clark’s Director of Sustainability, Nate Keener, is trying to encourage in his second annual Art of Recycling contest.

  • The Utmost to be Upheld

    The Utmost to be Upheld

    As this century proceeds further into the future, all the world over is increasingly abuzz with the topic of sustainability. Paradoxically though, we arrive at this theme coming up from the backside.

  • How do you think?

    How do you think?

    It’s somehow easier to ignore the fact that a lot of us just don’t seem to think that the environmental issues we are facing today have any direct relationship to who we are or what we do in our everyday lives.