Surviving Valentine’s Day


Graphic: Nicole Leith
Athena Whitty

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? For some the answer to this question is filled with plans that involve a special someone and for others they feel like Katniss or Peeta in  just  “Hunger Games” trying to make it through the day.

Are you swimming in the single pool this year? There is no shame in just owning it. The easiest thing to do is to let the big day be discouraging if you aren’t in a relationship. It’s ok, take a deep breath, take those lemons and make some lemonade..

Call the other single people in your social circle and set up a movie night at your place. Hosting duties will keep the focus on something positive instead of letting the black cloud settle over you.  Plus, you get the benefit of having a good time with friends.

Single or not, everyone feels better when they are being pampered. Get yourself out of the funk with a new manicure or get a new hair cut.

Having someone to spend the day with doesn’t make the stress of the day disappear. Buying the right gift or having the perfect date planned can skyrocket anxiety.The pressure to make everything magical can overshadow what it is all about.

Getting the most expensive gift you can afford or making reservations at the fanciest restaurant aren’t the key to a great V Day. It is all about the thoughtfulness put into it.

Are you low on funds? You can cook a meal or set up a scavenger hunt. A memory jar or box is another cost effective idea. Just take an empty mason jar or box  and decorate it how ever you like. You can fill the jar up together throughout the coming year with memories the two of you jot down on paper, photos, tickets, or anything really.

Then next Valentine’s the two of you sit down and look over the last year.

No matter what your Facebook relationship status is this year, survive the day with a smile.


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