Student Spotlight: The Planned Procure English Major

By Alexandra Blockton

Allison Wiesemann was born March 28, 2001 and attended Northwestern High School, which she graduated from in 2019.

L&C student Allison Wiesemann.

Currently, Wiesemann is majoring in English and has future plans of becoming an English teacher in foreign countries/ESL teacher.

She decided to attend Lewis and Clark Community College (L&C) when she came back to her hometown in Alton, Ill. so she could live closer to family. At this time she resides with her grandparents. At one time, Wiesemann lived with her mother in a small town 45 minutes away called Palmyra. Her and her mother moved there prior to the summer of her eighth-grade year in middle school. For her to move back home after graduating high school was the perfect opportunity for her to start college at L&C.

“I chose to major in English because in order to be an ESL teacher you need a bachelor’s degree in anything, and I thought English would be the perfect option. I love traveling with all my heart, and if I become an ESL teacher, I can teach anywhere and get to travel and live in new places,” said Wiesemann.

As far as recommending another student to her program here at L&C, she said, “It depends because a lot of individuals don’t like English. But if I know someone well enough to know if they will like it or not, I definitely would.

Wiesemann favorite memory was when she was in middle school and was in a program called GEMS (Girls Empowered by Math and Science) and the GEMS conference was held in the commons. That day was one of the funniest days she had in middle school. She even got a chance to become closer with one of her best friends Skylar Mitchell, and they are still best friends now, even though Skylar currently resides in Massachusetts.

“I will be transferring to a four-year university, most likely Southern Illinois University of Carbondale and will be roommating with one of my other best friends, Anna Connolly,” said Wiesemann.

One of the most interesting things many people do not know about Wiesemann is that she has been teaching herself Korean for the past three years.

She likes listening to k-pop and she, as well as lots of her friends, have been able to learn the choreographies to a lot of songs.


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