Student, Cheerleader, Song Writer: She Does It All


OJ Fair

Staff Writer

A Student Profile on Tess Boyer

Tess Boyer is in her second semester at L&C, but her first at the Godfrey campus instead of the N.O. Nelson campus. She is majoring in mass communication. She has previously studied at Lee University in Tennessee.

One of the many things that make her an interesting individual is that she has been a cheerleader for the Rams. She participated in a three month tryout period starting in spring break that involved a resume, interview and dance routine. There were fifty finalists and thirty five of the girls made it, which has been the biggest number yet. She cheered for one entire season then retired to pursue a full time career in music.

Boyer loves the stage and people, and after she is done at LC, she will transfer to SIUE and then move to Nashville in hopes of getting the career she wants. This is certainly possible because she is a part of two different bands. The first one is “Smash Band” which is a cover band that she has been a back-up singer for since March. The other is “Tess Hannah and the Brothermen,” which is composed of four writers and has a total of six people, Boyer being the only girl. The band was started by Luke DeJaynes in May, who is now the manager, producer, and drummer. They are a country rock band and have done both gigs and entertainment with the L&C college radio station. They have high hopes and dreams of going to Nashville by this time next year. They already have a three song demo pitch and can be found on Facebook at

Music means everything to Boyer and she is thankful that there has been no band drama other than some bickering here and there. She takes pride in her song writing and believes she can accomplish her dream with motivation, talent, belief, and the right kind of songs, which is an attitude that should rub off on everyone.

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