Stan Lee, a True Marvel

Haley Ruyle


Stan Lee was a true superhero. He created dreams of not just children, but of men and women everywhere, making people believe that they could all be heroes and heroines of their own story.

Stan Lee’s humor and creativity brought joy into this world. From every cameo in Marvel’s movies to all of the funny acting from the characters, Stan Lee was truly one of a kind. Stan Lee brought the characters right off the pages of their comics and gave them life. Stan Lee gave everyone the action and adventure to every motion picture and comic book.

Stan Lee’s comic book characters brought hope everywhere that one day, some superhero could show up and save the day.

Stan Lee will be missed, but his legend will forever stay with all those who enjoyed the light he brought to the world. Though he is gone, he will still remain in everyone’s hearts, and always as the father of Marvel.

Stan Lee’s Marvel creations have made a true impact on the world, making people feel that dreams do come true. Even if it means that they have to be a God like Thor, Loki, or Star-Lord, rich like Iron Man, a science experiment like Deadpool, Antman or the Hulk, or an assassin like Black Widow or Hawkeye.

Stan Lee went beyond the limitations, he believed in his superheroes, he believed that he could change lives, that he could make a difference, that each story meant something and they did, and he never gave up.

Stan Lee wasn’t a sidekick, or an underdog, and did not take nonsense from anyone. Just like Spiderman looking out for the little the little guy, Stan Lee looked out for all. From the big-hearted people with the biggest dreams to the small-hearted people who just need a little hope in their life.

Excelsior, Stan Lee. May your adventures carry on.

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