Reasons Why I am Thankful to Be a Student at Lewis and Clark

By Alexandra Thompson

Dear Lewis and Clark Community College, 

My name is Alexandra Thompson, and I am currently a student here in the Adult Education Department, attending G.E.D classes and college course classes for my Associates Degree. I am honored to be a writer for our campus newspaper, The Bridge. I have had some ups and downs throughout my life, but for the most part I am thankful to be a student here at L&C. There are many individuals that have a role in my life as a student.

Initially, I wrote this letter to thank many individuals for being a part of my life while I travel on this road to my educational journey of success. 

First, to Ms. Julie McAfoos, thank you so much for helping me discover what I really enjoy doing in life – writing. You are an awesome instructor and I absolutely enjoy being your student! 

Ms. Monica Waller, there are just so many positive things I can say about you. You are such an educated person that is always so positive. Overall, you help to give me the ambition and motivational energy I need to get my studies done. You are always there for me no matter what and you truly love seeing your students succeed. That is one of the things I really like about you! 

Mr. Mitch Fletcher, I really appreciate the fact you took time out of your day to drop the books off to me that I needed for my summer solar online class, you’re awesome and I am enjoying the class. 

Ms. Sheila Vaughn and Ms. Marsha Morgan, thanks for making sure I have a tutor to help guide me through my tough times while in the process of completing my G.E.D Diploma, you two are so sweet and I enjoy being your student! 

Thank you so much Mr. Jeff Campbell for always checking on me to make sure things are going well when I’m in class!  

Ms. Kathy Moody, thanks so much for helping me progress and giving me that extra push I needed in math class, you are a wonderful instructor. 

Ms. Pamela Williams, thanks for teaching me Science and I enjoy being your student because you seem to be very caring with your students. 

Thanks so much, Dr. Valorie Harris and Ms. Sabrina Davis, you two helped me open up my eyes and realize I am a beautiful bright young lady that deserves a good life the day I was in Dr. Val’s office practicing my first speech. Adult Education matters and I am proud to say I have my very own relationship with everyone.

Ms. Gina Rintoul, you are amazing and I always love to stop by your office early mornings before I start class because you are such a joy to be around. 

Ms. Megan Stevenson, thanks so much for being a kind and understanding instructor, I am glad to say I am one of your students. 

Ms. Louise Jett you are a marvelous Advisor for the Bridge, every time I walk into your office no matter how my day is going, once I leave, I’m so happy! You always put a smile on my face by caring for your students and always giving them guidance with your shoulder to lean on. 

Dillion Niebel,  Ashtyn Britt and Alex Johnson, all previous or current editors-in-chief of the Bridge, thank you for giving me the direction I need to help me improve my writing skills. You all are very skilled and definitely deserve thanks. I am happy to be a part of the Bridge with you all. Ms. Louise made the best decisions ever when she chose you three!

Dr. Sean Hill, you are a wonderful individual and I am very glad I have met you and got a chance to have spoken with you. Thanks for your time, you really show you care about students here at Lewis and Clark.

Greg Cash and Liz Burns thanks so much for always making me feel welcomed every time I come to the Reid Memorial Library because that is one of my favorite places to come, read and relax. You two are awesome and I love stopping by to see you in the library. 

Thanks so much, to Professor of Nursing Robin Halemeyer, for letting me interview you for the teacher spotlight in 2019. I really enjoyed it and was very glad I have met you. You are such a loving and caring individual to be around. 

Ms. Terri Austin, L.C.P.C., thanks so much for everything you do. You keep me going when I am down and feeling weak, you’re always there for me and support me in any way you can. I am so happy I have met you and you are a part of my life! I am going to make you, myself and everyone in Adult Education proud by completing my G.E.D Diploma. Thanks for helping me realize how beautiful of a woman I truly am.

Mr. Kavon Lacey thank you so much for everything. It really hurt me when my brother was killed last year back in August. My heart was crushed, and when I came to school as I was walking past Mr. Kavon’s office I just wanted to break down in tears. It was as if I was physically on campus but my mind wasn’t with me at all whatsoever… From that point on I walked into Mr. Kavon’s office and it was like the weak part of me had been lifted off my shoulder. Mr. Kavon explained to me that I was going to be okay and to keep pursuing my education and that he would help guide me through my education. Ever since, he motivates me to be strong-willed, determined and focused. Mr. Kavon goes above and beyond for his students. Again, thanks so much for being my mentor, leader, advocate and instructor. You are a terrific individual and I am happy to have you in my life. 

Dr. Linda Chapman, thanks so much for always being there for me, I love it when I see you because you always brighten my day up. You are such a wonderful woman and joy to be around!

Professor Jessica Noble thanks so much for giving me a chance to come and sit in on a lecture for your class. You are an amazing professor and I enjoy being around you!


Lewis and Clark Community College is an excellent school to attend and I am honored to be a student here. Thanks, again everyone I appreciate you all.

Your Student, 

Alexandra Thompson

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