Music Program Hitting High Notes

Drew Runde


The Lewis and Clark Music Department is reaching more students than ever before.

Including music such as a rock ensemble, jazz band, youth symphony and gospel choir, the music department is bursting with new talent. Most classes within this program are currently at maximum capacity, some are even overflowing with more students than there is equipment.

Kent Scheffel, vice president of the Lewis and Clark Enrollment Center, said an average of 350 students attend music classes each semester with more than 370 students this semester.  

Referred to as “a fantastic facility, state of the art,” by Louis Michael, director of Lewis and Clark’s music program, students in the music department will get hands-on experience with professional-grade technology to prepare themselves for the modern music industry.

These classes, including classes solely on Pro Tools software, give students the ability to record, edit and produce their own musical creations. Michael said Lewis and Clark has expanded to include everything from degrees in traditional music to degrees in music production as well.

“As a community college we want to serve the community, and we have a lot of people who don’t fit into that mold of a traditional music degree,” said Michael.

The music department also gives back to its community in other ways. These groups such as the department’s rock ensemble and jazz band put on live performances at community events around the Godfrey area.

Two years ago, Lewis and Clark partnered with the Elton John tribute band the Dogs of Society to create the Dogs of Society Scholarship. This scholarship was created for students in need of financial support who are pursuing music degrees.

Students of all backgrounds and musical preferences are encouraged to visit the music department, whether they desire to hone their skills as artists, broaden their knowledge on recording and producing music or simply find others who share their love of music.

For more information, visit or call  (618) 468-4731.

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