Monticello Sculpture Gardens – Annual Garden Festival


By Isabelle Flener


Sitting in a classroom all day can be draining for some students. Enjoying breathtaking scenery on a walk out of class can be that boost of positivity they needed. The Monticello Sculpture Gardens fill the historic campus of Lewis and Clark with a pleasing sight for all who attend the grounds.

“The Monticello Sculpture Gardens represent a welcoming and imaginative atmosphere. Initial impressions of campus are important. The Gardens ideally wants students to have a creative space to grow and work, that was conducing to learning.” states Ethan Braasch, Horticulture Manager at Lewis and Clark (L&C)

The gardens’ purpose is to display the sculptures, as well as each unique pocket garden around campus. They all play their own part, said Braasch.

White Cedar
White Cedar by Debra Butterfield

“One of my favorite pieces is White Cedar by Debra Butterfield. This piece stands out to me because she developed it out of bronze, then transformed and painted it to look like wood,” explains Braasch.

This year the elaborate sculpture ‘Bloom’ by John Medwedeff was the logo for this year’s Annual Garden Festival. The chosen theme was Budding Masterpieces, said Braasch.

“Budding Masterpieces represents a theme that was wanted for a long time, as we were wanting to do an art show. This graciously gave us the opportunity to strengthen corroboration with other groups and organizations,” said Braasch.

He also shared, “Budding Masterpieces provided the capability to put more emphasis on sculptures and art pieces. Also, to have pocket gardens inspired by artists. It was fertile grounds for fresh ideas.”

At the Budding Masterpieces curated show, there were excellent speakers, each sharing their appreciation for all who have generously helped and donated to make Lewis and Clark a spectacular campus. Following, attendees were invited to enjoy a caricature artist, Rudy’s Flower Truck, Macoupin Collective Art Bus, and a photo booth. As well as corn hole on the lawn with many Trailblazer athletes and students eagerly joining the fun.

Alyssa Kress, a student at L&C and a member of the gardening club shared, “I love seeing all the people enjoy the gardens, have fun and admire the scenery.”

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To get involved with the Monticello Sculpture Gardens or the Gardening Club, contact Ethan Braasch at

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