Maeva’s Makers Market

Maeva’s Makers Market

By: Isabelle Flener


On February 11, 2023, Maeva’s hosted their Makers Market for lovers of art to share their handmade goods. Artists had different unique creations for anyone’s style. Many came to enjoy and purchase the art.

B Hancock was one of the local artists who brought their creations to share with the community. Her shop name is Broken Broom Oddities.

“One of my favorite creations I have made would have to be my rabbit ear bat that is in a coffin. It is unique. It is rare to get a bat, and to have it in a coffin just is one of my favorite pieces,” shares Hancock.

“Nature in general is my biggest inspiration, I have always loved insects and bugs since I was little. One year I decided to see what I could make art wise and from there it just grew, and I could not stop.

Creators get their inspiration through many things. B Hancock uses nature as her tool.

“I forage for everything myself; everything is ethically sourced. Everything is real inside the creations, so it is like a tiny little dome of nature in your house. You get to keep it and see it forever, and one of the coolest things about it is that since it is preserved you can see every bit of it. Instead of it flying away or moving from you, you get to see all those tiny details that you normally would not get to see. Tiny little feet or antennas are just some of them,” says Hancock.

Those from the community came out to venture through the handful of booths. Kat Maywood was an eager attendee excited to see the creations.

“I have a deep love for handmade goods and creations artists make. It is super cool to see the different pieces of art people put together,” states Maywood.

“I cannot say I have a favorite piece I have collected, because each item I get or am gifted is special to me in its own way. Each item has a unique beauty to it,” shares Maywood.

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