Listen Linda: Karma’s a Witch

Olivia Bettorf


Karma, it is either good or bad. It is hardly ever in between. Why do I mention karma in this months article? Because almost everyone experiences it at one point in life and if you somehow haven’t, you will. Oh you will. 

The known mystical power of karma is those who give good karma receive good karma back, but those who give bad karma get the sweet taste of evil karma delivered to them. Most people I’ve heard stories from have some pretty good “karma’s a witch” stories. A lot of the stories I’ve listen to are from my older friend’s high school days. Keep in mind, I myself am only 19 years old, and my friends can be as old as 25.

“In school, a few certain kids would say (x, y, z) and now they are either drug addicts, drug sellers, have kids but are no longer with the other parent, have already been married and divorced or are in jail.”

Not that getting married young is bad or anything. I personally think that if you do by chance meet your “one and only” that it is an amazing thing due to how many people in my generation haven’t had all that much luck. But, I also believe you should marry your best friend who will ALWAYS be there for you. 

I am talking mainly about those kids who would talk a lot of smack about being an adult in high school, but are really immature kids who do not actually know what they are doing. 

You know the person I’m talking about.

And if you don’t have someone come to your head, I am sure you will meet someone like that. I suggest looking on Facebook, it’ll be someone between the ages of 13 to 30, no joke, who will post things on Facebook like, “People call it immature, I call it having fun and not caring what people will think of me.” 

Honestly you shouldn’t care about what people think about you, but you will care what everybody thinks about you when you are trying to get the job you so desperately need in order to pay for those bills, rent, and the child you had when you thought you were ready even though you were not ready at all. 

I commend those who have the courage to look within themselves, understand their situation, and do everything in the midst of having to go through the hardships of life, and do everything in their power to better themselves and possibly someone else. 

And yes. I do consider the fact that some people cannot control everything, and have had to deal with traumatic events, my heart does in fact cry for those people and if they need the help, I would help them in an instance. 

There will always be annoying people but those annoying people just keep getting bad karma, but to those who work hard, turn the other cheek, and doing everything they possibly can to better themselves. To you, I give all the good karma in the world so you can achieve your goals, and become successful.

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