Lewis & Clark’s KD Cup Volleyball Tournament Serves up a Second Success for the Student House and a Gratifying Sense of Friendly Competition on Campus 



By James Pepper 


The Lewis and Clark Community College campus was abuzz with excitement as the KD Cup Volleyball Tournament unfolded Dec. 1. 


Fostering a unique sense of community, the event showcased intense matchups. Participants from student, staff, and faculty groups competed in a single-elimination format, culminating in a thrilling finale that left attendees eagerly anticipating future KD Cup events.  


The KD Cup Volleyball Tournament, a highlight of the annual KD Cup series, kicked off with round one matches that set the tone for a spirited competition.  


Student groups, staff, and faculty faced off against their own in the initial matchups, with victories determining who would advance to round two.  


A notable participant in the tournament was Alex Kribs, a second-year student at Lewis and Clark, who provided a firsthand account of the student experience.  

“Being part of the second-ever KD Cup for students is a unique experience,” Kribs expressed. “With the students winning kickball earlier in the year, it adds an extra layer of celebration.”  


Kribs’s reflections encapsulate the enthusiasm and novelty that students felt throughout the competition, marking a significant milestone in the KD Cup’s evolving legacy.  


The format of round one featured student teams clashing with each other, staff battling staff, and faculty facing off within their ranks.  

Notably, Faculty Group One’s  

dominant performance secured them a bye to the finals, showcasing their strategic prowess which was rewarded by the preferential status. 


Round two intensified with new opposing teams, building anticipation. Student teams showcased their skills, winning decisively against the staff. This awarded them a place in the finals and set the stage for a showdown of students versus faculty. 


In the climactic finale of the KD Cup Volleyball Tournament, students went head-to-head with faculty in a closely contested match.  


The intensity of the game showcased the athletic prowess of both teams. As the competition progressed, the students demonstrated exceptional teamwork and skill. The final score of 56 to 29 solidified the Student House’s triumph, underscoring the camaraderie and spirited rivalry inherent in KD Cup events.  


Reflecting on his experience in the tournament, Kribs said, “It was fun. I was going HAAM. I’m 6’4, so I’m just reaching my hand up and blocking it. It was fun, though.”  


The sentiment of joy resonated with many participants who reveled in the spirited atmosphere and the opportunity to engage in friendly competition with peers and colleagues.  


Cody Zippmann, the athletic director at Lewis and Clark and the orchestrator behind the KD Cup series, offered insights into the genesis of the volleyball tournament and its place in the broader KD Cup calendar.  


“You look about the entire student body and staff and faculty, and when you sit down to identify what you’re doing monthly, we wanted to spread out the tournaments,” Zippmann said. “We build off our historical tournament, which is the kickball game. That’s been going on for years now. And so, when we build off of that, and you look at the roster that you’re in, twelve people that you need a minimum of ten, the other rosters and sports that fit the best with that would be volleyball and dodgeball.”  


The KD Cup, beyond the sports-centric events, encompasses a diverse calendar that includes activities such as Kick-or-Treat, a scavenger hunt, trivia, and the upcoming tournament – “For Love and Dodgeball.”  


Zippmann emphasized the importance of inclusivity, ensuring there are events for everyone to participate in, contributing to a vibrant campus culture.  


As the cheers from the volleyball tournament echoed across the campus, attention turned to the future of the KD Cup. Zippmann shared a glimpse into the upcoming events, including the Blazer’s Egg Hunt in April and the grand finale at the State of Trailblazer Nation in May. 


The KD Cup, with its multifaceted approach, aims to engage students, faculty, and staff throughout the academic year, fostering a sense of belonging and school spirit.  


Zippmann expressed his enthusiasm for the future.  


“We present the KD cup, the total points win, and that you’ll come up on the stage, whatever team representative,” Zippmann said. “Hopefully, there’s a lot of students there or staff because right now, staff and students are battling it out.”  

The ongoing rivalry between the Staff and Student Houses adds an extra layer of excitement to the KD Cup. The playful style of competing “Houses” emphasizes that it’s not just about winning games but building a unified community.  


As the KD Cup series continues to unfold, students, faculty, and staff eagerly anticipate the next chapter of this unique collegiate tradition.  


The KD Cup is more than a competition; it’s a celebration of community, diversity, and the collective spirit that defines the Lewis and Clark experience. 

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