Lewis and Clark Community College is Veteran Friendly!

Haley Ruyle

Lewis and Clark Community College won the 2019-2020’s Military friendly award. Here at Lewis and Clark Community College, the school offers far more than just classes paid by the military, but also support groups and clubs that make veterans feel more comfortable and welcome throughout the whole school year! Through the funding thanks to the LCCC Veterans Club, veterans can afford not just schooling but other necessities to help them and their families live a happy normal life. Lewis and Clark Community College is very blessed to have also received the military friendly award in recognition. Lewis and Clark Community College and the students who attend truly love to show their appreciation to the veterans as much as they possibly can!

LCCC veteran services make an effort to help any currently enrolled veterans and their families obtain books, assistance for housing, food, and so much more. There are also many events held on campus to help fund the veterans club, including annual doughnut sales and blood drives. The school also makes an effort to give scholarships to veterans to assist with their tuition.

“Lewis and Clark Community College Veteran Services works closely with faculty and staff, especially the Enrollment and Financial Aid departments, to help veteran students overcome hurdles that may stand in the way of their academic success,” said Terry Lane, an Army veteran who is the current director of Career and Veteran Services.

Everyone is so proud of the Lewis and Clark Community College Military students and family members who help serve our country and make an effort to still continue their education on after. Through volunteer work to just absolute dedication, Lewis and Clark Community College gives thanks to all of the hard workers that made this happen and hope it remains for many years to come!

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