Let’s Get Back in The Twilight Zone

By Ashtyn Britt

There has been no greater gift that CBS All Access has given us than the reboot of the Twilight Zone, who has finally dropped their second season to suck us all back into the world of morality within science fiction. The second they dropped the season, I sat down and binge-watched the entire season in a single day and was not disappointed. Any fan of any version of The Twilight Zone needs to quickly renew their CBS All Access subscription immediately!

First, we have the episode “Meet in the Middle”, about a lonely man named Phil who shares a telepathic connection with a woman, who seems to be the woman of his dreams… or his nightmares.

The second episode, “Downtime”, follows a woman who discovers something very unsettling about herself and the world she lives in when, suddenly, everything and everyone seems to just stop and leave her there.

The third episode, “The Who of You”, discovers an actor’s ultimate challenge as he starts to switch bodies with others in order to try and successfully rob a bank without being caught.

The fourth episode, “Ovation”, leads a cautionary tale of a woman who discovers the deathly power of applause when her music career begins to take off… and not be able to come back down again.

The fifth episode, “Among the Untrodden”, follows a very unique and unlikely friendship between two young women, one of whom discovers she has psychic abilities.

The sixth episode, “8”, follows a marine biology team exploring the deep dark sea and having to face off against an octopus with an intelligence that is not to be underestimated.

The seventh episode, “A Human Face”, features an alien invasion with a twist when the creatures take the forms of the lost loved ones of those they’re inhabiting… and slowly manipulate the grieving of a married couple who had lost their daughter.

 The eighth episode, “A Small Town”, is a delightful story of a man who discovers he can control and better his beloved town using a display case to play God and offers a very new and fresh perspective on the idea of what it means to have a God Complex.

The ninth episode, “Try, Try”, is arguably my favorite episode of this season and tells the story of a Groundhog Day with a sinister twist as we view it from the perspective of the story’s love interest, rather than that of the one stuck in the time loop.

The tenth episode, “You May Also Like”, is absolutely perfect for fans of the classic Twilight Zone that features a particular alien race that you may already know and love from a rather infamous cookbook…


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